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Please read the information below to learn more about the UNO Student Health Insurance Policy to help you decide if it is a good choice for you.

Student Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions 2013-2014

All students enrolled at UNO have access to Student Health Services, regardless of whether or not they have insurance of any kind. However, we only provide primary care. In order to provide access to specialist care, emergency room, and other services, Student Health Services arranges for an optional low-cost sickness and accident insurance policy. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the policy. It is the responsibility of the student to become familiar with the policy and use it properly should he/she decide to purchase it. UNO does not adjudicate claims nor does it intercede in claim disputes. Questions regarding claims or enrollment should be addressed to the insurance company (address below). Please read the policy carefully including the exclusions and call the insurance company with any questions!

It is very important to keep the insurance company (and UNO) abreast of any changes in address. Relevant contact information is listed below.
Policy number:   2013-701-76

Do I have to buy the insurance in order to come to UNO Student Health Services?
No! Any UNO student may access Student Health Services at any time, regardless of insurance status. We are a primary care clinic, and the student health insurance plan provides access to services we don’t provide, such as specialist visits, emergency room, ambulance, x-rays, and more.

What kind of a plan is it?
The plan is a sickness and accident insurance plan underwritten by United HealthCare. It covers $500,000 and uses the United HealthCare PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) network. There is an optional major medical rider if desired.

How do I enroll in the student insurance plan?
International students are automatically assessed the premium in their fee bill.

Voluntary enrollments can be done by online enrollment process, available at; look up University of New Orleans under “find my school”. In the UNO sub-page you will see an “enroll now” link. You may use this link if you wish to pay with a credit card. If you wish to pay with a check, there is an enrollment form link on the webpage; download this form, fill it out and sign it, and send it in with your payment. You may enroll annually or by semester (Spring semester automatically includes the Summer session whether or not you are taking classes).

Spouses and children are also eligible for enrollment.

On the UNO sub-page is where you’ll also find other relevant materials as well as the link to the PPO.

Enrollment and benefit questions may be addressed at (800) 767-0700.

Successful enrollees receive a confirmation of coverage via e-mail immediately after enrollment and a card is issued within three days.  Online enrollments are added to the eligibility system at the end of each business day.

Enrollment forms are also available in Student Health Services (UC 238).

How much does it cost?
The premium cost breakdowns are as follows:
Student under age 35: Annual: $1,090
                                    Fall: $448
                                    Spring/Summer: $664
                                    Summer: $277

Student age 35 and over: Annual: $1,572
                                       Fall: $646
                                       Spring/Summer: $958
                                       Summer: $400

For pricing and enrollment regarding spouses and children, please contact Student Health Services (UC 238, 280-5401).

IELP Students have different prices based on different session dates. Please see the IELP advisor for these rates.

What are the dates of coverage?
Annual: 8/20/13-8/19/14
Fall: 8/20/13-1/13/14
Spring/Summer: 1/14/14-8/19/14
Summer: 5/21/14-8/19/14
Please note that Spring semester automatically includes the summer session.
IELP students have their own dates; please see the IELP advisor for those dates.

Will there be a break in my coverage if my payment is a few days late?
Generally, a student in a voluntary program enrolls and submits payment at the same time. If you had the previous year’s insurance, your coverage will be continuous. The enrollment period is the first 30 days of classes, however the company will accept a payment shortly after that.

When I graduate, does my coverage expire?
When a student graduates, he/she remains covered until the end of the coverage period for which they enrolled. For this reason, if you are graduating in December for example, your coverage will remain in effect until 8/19 if you bought the plan annually. This is a good idea in order to have coverage while you are looking for a job or are in transition. Also, often employer coverage takes a few months to take effect.

If the student requests to be insured beyond that date, there is a continuation plan identical to the plan he/she is currently enrolled. This plan is designed to meet the insurance needs of those students and dependents who no longer meet the eligibility requirements of the University.

How can I tell if I am covered or have a problem?
If the student has enrolled in the program and has any doubt whether they are covered, he/she should contact  the Customer Service department, toll free, at 800-767-0700.  Callers are able to access information pertaining to their Effective dates of Eligibility, Claim Status, Claim History, Claim Detail, address information and FAQs. Another option is to send an e-mail to:

What will I receive to prove I have coverage?
Students who enroll in the student health insurance will receive an ID card as proof of coverage. You may also download one from the company webpage once you’ve enrolled.
The student will also receive a discount card for pharmacy, dental, and vision services.

Will I get a copy of my insurance policy?
You may access and download the full brochure electronically at A .pdf of the schedule of benefits is available from Student Health Services.

Does the insurance use a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)?
Yes it does. This is very important to use in order to access the maximum available benefits.
A PPO is a network of health care providers who agree to accept the insurance. Most hospitals and physicians in the New Orleans area are on the UHC PPO.
To access the list, simply go to, pull up the UNO page, and in there you will find the PPO link, called PPO Options; follow instructions to pull up your desired information. When and where possible, we strongly recommend finding a health care provider on the PPO.
This PPO is national, and the insurance has benefits for international health care services.

Are there any deductibles?
Yes, there is one; it is $100. This is a one-time per event/issue deductible, not a per visit deductible.
The deductible increases to $200 when you visit an out-of-network provider.

Can I get a refund?
As a general rule, refunds are limited to those conditions where the student enters the Armed Forces or where the student has not met certain eligibility requirements as per the policy.  Beyond these standard rules, special exceptions are submitted to the Premium Review Board for final determination. 

What is the pharmacy benefit?
New federal regulations fold pharmacy benefits into the maximum allowable coverage. It is available by reimbursement, that is, the student buys the product at the pharmacy and submits a form and receipts for reimbursement. The student is reimbursed everything except the co-pay. The reimbursement form is available at The co-pay is $15 for the generic, and $30 for the brand name product. The benefit includes birth control pills. Please read the plan and exclusions for additional details.

How do I get a new ID card if I can’t find mine?
The company website allows you to request an additional ID card to be mailed to you when needed.  In addition, you can access the web to generate a .pdf of your ID card to print out and be used immediately.

Do I have to use the student health service at my school? What do I do if I am ill or in an accident?
New federal regulations allow a student to go anywhere for their care. We do recommend using Student Health Services for regular and routine care. The student health service at UNO is designed to provide health care services to the student at little or no cost to and thus reserves insurance cost allowances for emergencies and specialist care and procedures. In addition it is convenient and often students are seen quicker than if they were to call a private physician. Just call 280-6387 to make an appointment; we also have walk-in hours. IELP students may use UNO Student Health Services too.

If the clinic is closed, or on weekends or holidays for example, urgent care centers are our recommended alternative if it’s not an emergency. If it is an emergency, then go straight to the emergency room.

What should I do if I am traveling or go abroad?
This insurance and PPO work anywhere in the U.S. In addition, you may use this insurance outside the U.S. The student will be provided with a phone number to call and they will be directed to the nearest provider. If you are an international student, the insurance will cover you in any country except your country of origin.
This insurance includes benefits for repatriation of remains or medical evacuation through.  Please note that in order to access these services, all you need to do is call them and they will handle all arrangements. They will not reimburse or pay for any services that are not arranged by themselves. Please read the details in the policy schedule of benefits. Repatriation/medical evacuation benefits are also available separately from the main policy. There is an enrollment form on the UNO sub-page of the company website.

Are ambulance services covered?
Yes! They are folded into the maximum allowances.

What if I have a question or problem?
Call to speak to a Customer Service Representative during business hours M-F 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM CST at 1-800-767-0700. Additionally, the school’s plan documents are available at We recommend setting up a My Account function in order to track and see the status of any claim.

Tell me something else that is cool and useful!
In addition to a discount card for further pharmacy and preventive vision and dental services, students will receive a toll-free phone number for a 24/7 Nurse-On-Call service! Just call anytime day or night to speak with a nurse.

What if I’m a UNO athlete or play intramurals?
This insurance excludes injuries sustained from playing or training for intercollegiate sports. Intramural sports are covered.
UNO athletes are provided with the opportunity to purchase their own health and accident insurance. For details, please contact UNO Athletics and/or your coach.
International students who are also athletes do not need to carry both insurances; they may have this insurance deleted from their fee bill as long as the supplanting policy meets the minimum federal requirements. Please see your ISO advisor.

UNO requires international students in F and J status to have health insurance based on requirements established by the Department of State.  F and J students are automatically billed for the UNO health insurance policy each semester.  Students may have the charge removed by presenting verification of equivalent coverage from another insurance company.  Requests for waivers must be submitted to the Office of International Students and Scholars (ED 122, 280-6021) no later than the fifth class day.  Additional information regarding insurance waiver request requirements and procedures is available at  This insurance may also be purchased by J-1 scholars, F-1 students on Optional Practical Training (OPT), and J-1 students on Academic Training.
International students who opt to provide their own insurance may purchase the repatriation and medical evacuation benefits (from Scholastic Emergency Services) separately. The enrollment form is in the UNO page of the company webpage,

Important contact information:
The plan is underwritten and administered by
United HealthCare Insurance Company
Submit all claims or inquiries to:
United Healthcare Student Resources
P.O. Box 809025
Dallas, Texas  75380-9025

Please read your policy carefully!

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